2. MET Release Information

2.1. MET Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature (MET GitHub issues). Important issues are listed in bold for emphasis.


Ensemble post-processing was added to Gen-Ens-Prod in version 10.1.0 and will be removed from Ensemble-Stat in version 11.0.0!

2.1.1. MET Version 11.0.0-beta5 release notes (20221120)

  • Repository, build, and testing:

  • Library Enhancements:

    • Reimplement the pntnc2ascii.R utility Rscript in Python (#2085).

    • Add a Python helper script/function to transform point_data objects to met_point_data objects for Python Embedding (#2302).

  • Application Enhancements:

    • Enhance Grid-Stat to compute SEEPS for gridded observations and write the SEEPS STAT line type (#1943).

    • Enhance Stat-Analysis to aggregate SEEPS_MPR and SEEPS line types (#2339).

    • Refine TCDIAG output from TC-Pairs as needed (#2321).

    • Rename the TCDIAG SOURCE column as DIAG_SOURCE (#2337).

    • Enhance TC-Pairs consensus logic to compute the spread of the location, wind speed, and pressure (#2036).

    • Print ASCII2NC warning message about python embedding support not being compiled (#2277).

    • Eliminate Gen-Ens-Prod warning when parsing the nbhrd_prob dictionary (#2224).

2.1.2. MET Version 11.0.0-beta4 release notes (20221102)

  • Repository, build, and testing:

    • Enhance the MET base image to support NetCDF files using groups in the enhanced data model (dtcenter/METbaseimage#6).

    • Update the SonarQube version used for routine software scans (#2270).

    • Create test to replicate MET-11.0.0-beta3 linker errors and fix them (#2281).

    • Fix GHA documentation workflow (#2282).

    • Fix GHA warnings and update the version of actions (i.e. actions/checkout@v3) (#2297).

  • Code cleanup and documentation:

    • Remove namespace specification from header files (#2227).

    • Move release notes into its own chapter in the User’s Guide (#2298).

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix Stat-Analysis aggregation of the neighborhood statistics line types (#2271).

    • Fix the ascii2nc_airnow_hourly test in unit_ascii2nc.xml (#2306).

    • Fix TC-Stat parsing of TCMPR lines (#2309).

    • Fix the Point-Stat and Ensemble-Stat GRIB table lookup logic for python embedding of point observations (#2286).

  • Library Enhancments:

    • Add support for point-based climatologies for use in SEEPS (#1941).

    • Enhance MET to handle NC strings when processing CF-Compliant NetCDF files (#2042).

    • Enhance the MET library code to handle CF-compliant time strings with an offset defined in months or years (#2155).

  • Application Enhancements:

    • Enhance ASCII2NC to read NDBC buoy data (#2276).

    • Enhance IODA2NC to support IODA v2.0 format (#2068).

    • Add the Mean Absolute Difference (SPREAD_MD) to the ECNT line type (#2332).

    • Add MAE to the ECNT line type from Ensemble-Stat and for HiRA (#2325).

    • Add new bias ratio statistic to the ECNT line type from Ensemble-Stat and for HiRA (#2058).

    • Enhance TC-Pairs consensus logic to compute the spread of the location, wind speed, and pressure (#2036).

    • Enhance TC-Pairs to read hurricane model diagnostic files (e.g. SHIPS) and TC-Stat to filter the new data (#392).

    • Refine Grid-Diag output variable names when specifying two input data sources (#2232).

2.1.3. MET Version 11.0.0-beta3 release notes (20220921)

  • Repository and build:

    • Add initial files to create the MET compilation environment in the dtcenter/met-base Docker image (dtcenter/METbaseimage#1).

    • Update the METbaseimage to install Python 3.8.6 from source (dtcenter/METbaseimage#3).

    • Restructure the MET Dockerfiles to create images based on the new METbaseimage (#2196).

    • Add .zenodo.json file to add metadata about releases (#2198).

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix the truncated station_id name in the output from IODA2NC (#2216).

    • Fix oom() compile time linker error (#2238).

    • Store unspecified accumulation interval as 0 rather than bad data (#2250).

  • Enhancements:

    • Remove ensemble post-processing from the Ensemble-Stat tool (#1908).

    • Enhance Point-Stat to compute SEEPS for point observations and write new SEEPS and SEEPS_MPR STAT line types (#1942).

    • Add the fair CRPS statistic to the ECNT line type in a new CRPS_EMP_FAIR column (#2206).

    • Update map data with more recent NaturalEarth definitions (#2207).

    • Define new grid class to store semi-structured grid information (e.g. lat or lon vs level or time) (#1954).

    • Add support for EPA AirNow ASCII data in ASCII2NC (#2142).

    • Add tmp_dir configuration option to the Plot-Point-Obs tool (#2237).

    • Refine NetCDF level string handling logic to always interpret @ strings as values (#2225).

    • Add support for reading National Blend Model GRIB2 data (#2055).

2.1.4. MET Version 11.0.0-beta2 release notes (20220809)

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix Ensemble-Stat to work with different missing members for two or more variables (#2208).

  • Enhancements:

    • Enhance MET’s NetCDF library interface to support level strings that include coordinate variable values instead of just indexes (#1815).

    • Enhance MTD to process time series with non-uniform time steps, such as monthly data (#1971).

    • Define the Bukovsky masking regions for use in MET (#1940).

    • Update the GRIB2 MRMS table in MET (#2081).

    • Add more error checking for python embedding of point observations (#2202).

    • Add a sum option to the time summaries computed by the point pre-processing tools (#2204).

    • Refine warning/error messages when parsing thresholds (#2211).

    • Add “station_ob” to metadata_map as a message_type metadata variable for ioda2nc (#2215).

    • MET: Add a timestamp to the log output at the beginning and end of each MET tool run (dtcenter/METplus-Internal#18).

    • MET: Add the user ID and the command line being executed to the log output at beginning and end of each MET tool run (dtcenter/METplus-Internal#19).

    • MET: Enhance MET to have better signal handling for shutdown events (dtcenter/METplus-Internal#21).

2.1.5. MET Version 11.0.0-beta1 release notes (20220622)

  • Repository and build:

    • Restructure the contents of the MET repository so that it matches the existing release tarfiles (#1920).

    • Fix the OpenMP compilation error for GCC 9.3.0/9.4.0 (#2106).

    • Update the MET version number to 11.0.0 (#2132).

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix regression test differences in pb2nc and ioda2nc output (#2102).

    • Fix support for reading rotated lat/lon grids from CF-compliant NetCDF files (#2115).

    • Fix support for reading rotated lat/lon grids from GRIB1 files (grid type 10) (#2118).

    • Fix support for int64 NetCDF variable types (#2123).

    • Fix Stat-Analysis to aggregate the ECNT ME and RMSE values correctly (#2170).

    • Fix NetCDF library code to process scale_factor and add_offset attributes independently (#2187).

  • Enhancements:

    • Sort mask.sid station lists to check their contents more efficiently (#1950).

    • Add Anomaly Correlation Coefficient to VCNT Line Type (#2022).

    • Enhance TC-RMW to compute tangential and radial winds (#2072).

    • Allow 2x2 HSS calculations to include user-defined EC values (#2147).

    • Enhance Gen-Vx-Mask by adding a new poly_xy masking type option (#2152).

    • Add M_to_KFT and KM_to_KFT functions to ConfigConstants (#2180).

    • MET: Replace fixed length character arrays with strings (dtcenter/METplus-Internal#14).

2.2. MET Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade instructions will be listed here if they are applicable for this release.