2. MET Release Information

2.1. MET Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature (MET GitHub issues). Important issues are listed in bold for emphasis.

2.1.1. MET Version 12.0.0-beta4 Release Notes (20240417)

Repository, build, and test
  • Add GitHub action to run SonarQube for MET pull requests and feature branches (#2379).

  • Move namespace specifications below include directives (#2696).

  • Enhance GitHub action compilation options and testing workflows (#2815).

  • Fix the SonarQube findings for MET version 12.0.0 (#2673).

  • SonarQube: Replace “enum” to “enum class” (#2830).

  • Bugfix: Fix the TC-Diag and TC-RMW tools to correctly handle the range and azimuth settings in range/azimuth grids (#2833).

  • Refine configuration options for defining bins in the verification of probabilistic forecasts (#2280).

  • Add new wind direction verification statistics for RMSE, Bias, and MAE (#2395).

  • Add new ECNT statistics that incorporate observational uncertainty as advised in Ferro (2017) (#2583).

  • Enhance ASCII2NC to support IABP/IPAB Arctic and Antarctic drifting buoy observations (#2654).

  • Enhance Multivariate MODE to read input data only once rather than multiple times (#2707).

  • Enhance the calculation of RPSS to support starting from probabilistic data (#2786).

  • Add convex hull to MODE output (#2819).

2.1.2. MET Version 12.0.0-beta3 Release Notes (20240207)

Repository, build, and test
  • Enhance METbaseimage to install SciPy Python package needed by the MET TC-Diag tool (METbaseimage#20).

  • Remove the SonarQube token from the properties file (#2757).

  • Repository cleanup of stale code and configuration consistency (#2776).

  • Add new example installation configuration files for Intel compiler users (#2785).

  • Update GitHub actions workflows to switch from node 16 to node 20 (#2796).

  • Bugfix: Fix support for NSIDC v4 Climate Data Record data on Polar Stereographic grids in CF-compliant NetCDF files (#2652).

  • Bugfix: Fix Python embedding failure when providing a single point observation (#2755).

  • Bugfix: Fix MET to compile without the optional –enable-python configuration option (#2760).

  • Bugfix: Fix the parsing of level values for GRIB2 template 4.48 data (#2782).

  • Add support for native WRF output files already on pressure levels (#2547).

  • Enhance ASCII2NC to read ISMN point observations of soil moisture and temperature (#2701).

  • Major enhancements to multivariate MODE (#2745).

  • Enhance TC-Diag to use tc_diag_driver version 0.11.0 (#2769).

  • Switch from writing temporary Python files in NetCDF to JSON and NumPy serialization (#2772).

  • Revise the use of temporary files in PB2NC (#2792).

  • Enhance MET to make warnings messages about time differences configurable (#2801).

  • Enhance Stat-Analysis to apply the -set_hdr option to filter jobs (#2805).

  • Enhance MET to parse LAEA grids from the MET NetCDF file format (#2809).

2.1.3. MET Version 12.0.0-beta2 Release Notes (20231117)

Repository, build, and test
  • Enhance METbaseimage to compile the ecKit and Atlas libraries (METbaseimage#13).

  • Enhance METbaseimage to install the YAML Python package (METbaseimage#15).

  • Enhance MET to compile and link against the Proj library (#2669).

  • Enhance MET to compile and link against the Atlas and ecKit libraries (#2574).

  • Enhance “compile_MET_all.sh” to support the new Intel oneAPI compilers and upgrade dependent library versions as needed (#2611).

  • Upgrade SonarQube server version from 9.8 to 10.2 (#2689).

  • Update the token for upgraded SonarQube server (#2702).

  • Bugfix: Correct the usage statement for Point2Grid (#2666).

  • Bugfix: Investigate unexpected number of derived HPBL observations in PB2NC (#2687).

  • Bugfix: Fix the Point-Stat CNT header line typo causing duplicate “SI_BCL” column names (#2730).

  • Documentation: Make Headers Consistent in All MET Guides (#2716).

  • Document the use of temporary files in MET and reduce it as much as reasonably possible (#2690).

  • Eliminate the use of temporary files in the vx_config library (#2691).

  • Add support for NetCDF files following the UGRID convention (#2231).

  • Enhance TC-Pairs to include storm diagnostics in consensus track output (#2476).

  • Refine TC-Pairs consensus diagnostics configuration options (#2699).

  • Enhance TC-Diag to actually compute and write diagnostics (#2550).

  • Enhance MODE to use OpenMP to make the convolution step faster (#2724).

  • Enhance Multivariate MODE to change the default “merge_flag” setting to NONE (#2708).

  • Enhance Multivariate MODE to support differing numbers of forecast and observation input fields (#2706).

  • Fix the SonarQube findings for MET v12.0 (#2673).

2.1.4. MET Version 12.0.0-beta1 Release Notes (20230915)

Repository, build, and test
  • Refine the METbaseimage to compile dependent libraries from a single tar file (METbaseimage#9).

  • Update METbaseimage to complete the transition to the Debian 12 (bookworm) base image (METbaseimage#12).

  • Update the install_met_env.generic configuration file (#2643).

  • Switch SonarQube server (mandan to needham) (#2650).

  • Update GitHub issue and pull request templates to reflect the current development workflow details (#2659).

  • Update the unit test diff logic to handle SEEPS, SEEPS_MPR, and MODE CTS line type updates (#2665).

  • Bugfix: Refine support for coordinate dimensions in CF-compliant NetCDF files (#2638).

  • Bugfix: Fix logic for computing the 100-th percentile (#2644).

  • Refine TC-Diag logic for handling missing data (#2609).

  • Update ioda2nc to support version 3 IODA files (#2640).

  • Enhance MODE CTS output file to include missing categorical statistics, including SEDI (#2648).

  • Enhance MET to compile and link against the Proj library (#2669).

  • Change the default setting for the model string from “WRF” to “FCST” in the default MET configuration files (#2682).

2.2. MET Upgrade Instructions

2.2.1. MET Version 12.0.0 Upgrade Instructions

  • MET Version 12.0.0 introduces one new required and two new optional dependencies:

    • The required Proj library dependency was added in the 12.0.0-beta1 development cycle (#2669).

    • The optional Atlas library dependency was added in the 12.0.0-beta2 development cycle (#2574).

    • The optional ecKit library dependency was added in the 12.0.0-beta2 development cycle (#2574).

  • Note that the #2833 bugfix affects all previously generated output from the TC-Diag and TC-RMW tools.